Fardoe has been selected through to the final round of R3 Corda Challange 2020

Roanna Doe, CEO, comented "Proud to have made it to the finals of R3's Corda Insurtech Challenge 2020: Fraud Detection against such high quality competition, and we are appreciating the very constructive time spent with R3 and B3i. Alongside its core design concept of helping clients create an ecosystem of their data, Fardoe is providing cutting edge AI/ML to help them detect fraud locally whilst using DLT to enable the sharing of analytics and local learning to benefit all network participants, all the time ensuring they remain compliant with relevant regulations."


Fardoe invited to present at CordaCon 2020


Roanna Doe, CEO, will introduce more people to Fardoe and share how (re)insurers can get real benefit from AI and machine learning, blockchain and data-driven workflows, and hearing about the exciting ways other companies are creating value through the use of the Corda platform.


Fardoe founders presented Fardoe solutions at London Blockchain Week


Fardoe got some really interesting insights at London Blockchain Week. It was good to hear how distributed ledger technologies are being applied successfully worldwide, and to discuss how blockchain and machine learning can really help to make the insurance industry workflows much more efficient. The founders, Roanna and Soadad enjoyed sharing their vision with industry leaders for how @Fardoesoftware’s intelligent data ecosystem can help the insurance industry to streamline its cost base, offer better and faster service, and create personalized business insights. The industry leaders gave some great suggestions, and Fardoe is accelerating the platform’s Internet of Things capabilities as just one of many responses!


Fardoe has been selected for Outlier Venture Base Camp accelerator program

OV Base Camp is a unique program to work with the most exciting early stage projects in the Convergence space. The program combines the collected learnings from five years of incubating early stage teams, and we have condensed 5 years of learning into an on-premise 3 month accelerator to support pre-seed stage startups.

Roanna Doe, CEO of Fardoe, commented "We are really excited to be part of Outlier Ventures’ second Base Camp cohort with some great people and business ideas!"