Streamline your exposure workflows, 

create fast personalized insights & build business resilience, 

through efficient, intelligent and automated data-driven workflow.

Fardoe helps insurers save costs and create personalized value through efficient management of their big data. We achieve this by:
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Single touchpoint data ecosystem

Fardoe creates an ecosystem of your data and tools, ensuring it is always updated, reconciled and available together whenever your team want to use it

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Automated, streamlined workflows

Fardoe automates the detection and standard, repetitive processing of your data, saving time and costs, improving business resilience, and enabling your team to focus on creating value for you and your customers. 


AI and machine learning with excellent UI/UX

Our AI and machine learning also create personalized results, helping you provide unique solutions, whilst delivering reports and enabling data analysis with Maps. 

Create an ecosystem of your data


Data anywhere

SaaS Solution

One time set-up

Automated Data Collection

Your system choices, your data, your control