Our solution lets you connect all of your data sources and tools to create one data ecosystem.


There is an intelligent “bus” at its core, which can detect any changes to your data and undertake processes to bring it onboard, audit and reconcile it, and tailor the output ready to integrate with your applications.


Additionally, you can choose to receive automated reports in Word or PDF by e-mail,

and visualise and interrogate your data via GoogleMaps.


Contract Review

Exposures Management


Internet of Things


Enterprise data store

How We Do It

Fardoe creates an ecosystem where the data is analysed fast, accurately and automatically, thus streamlining your operations, speeding up the data processing, reducing the risk of human errors, and enabling your team time to be focused on issue management and creating value.

Changes to your data are automatically detected and processed, whether the source is internal, external, distributed ledger or internet of things. 


You can also choose to license one of our functional modules, instead of or as a complement to any of your other chosen tools.

Data is accessed through one easy touchpoint, making it easy to manage and use.


The Exposures module lets you run customized reports on your data ecosystem and visualize the results through GoogleMaps


  • Intuitive 1 Time Set Up

  • One ecosystem of your data, accessible in a private cloud so your team always have the information they need right at their finger tips

  • Connect with new and relevant technologies as your digital plan evolves

  • Easy access through a simple license for the core bus with seamless integartio of add-on modules that you can pick to best suit your current business needs.