We know that...

  • You need easier access to all your data and tools, but preferably without a major systems overhaul

  • It is hard to get the personalised insights you need from standard sources, especially without sharing your proprietary data

  • Each new data source and tool can create value but often destroys it too, by adding complexity and needing maintenance

  • You are best placed to decide which tools and data sources to use in your business

  • You need more resilient workflows, involving greater digitalisation, to evolve and meet business continuity challenges 

  • You need to keep making your cost base more efficient so that you can take on more risk


Our software lets you choose which systems you operate and which data and tools you access, and supports you as these choices evolve.


  • It keeps your proprietary data and insights safe within your own platforms. 

  • It makes your processes more resilient and allows your team to focus on innovation and value-add. 


  • It does this whilst saving you costs and helping create personalized insights from your data.



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Soadad Farhan


Soadad has over 25 years experience in shaping and delivering future-proof technology strategy and transformative projects for major finance and insurance companies.  As CTO and Head of Innovation at Hiscox, where he won the 2016 Lloyds of London Best Innovation Product Award, Soadad really understands the insurance industry challenges and what is required of a product, and he has designed this solution with all that experience in mind.

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Roanna Doe


After qualifying as a chartered accountant with Deloittes in London, Roanna spent over 20 years in senior roles within the FTSE 100, including strategy, corporate development and general management roles.  Her real passion was for new business development, at the group, division, business and product group level, having a vision and strategy and creating teams to deliver them, and she is delighted to be working with Soadad here to bring such benefits and opportunities for the insurance sector.

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